Monday, March 20, 2006

Check HIM out!

Many a committed relationship has been compromised by the male's inability to let a hot woman walk by without at least a clandestine glance. The trouble comes when there is an uncontrolled conversation interrupting, drooling staredown. With age, we (men) learn to hide it pretty well.

This is something I've always wondered, and never thought about asking any of my gay friends or acquaintances. When two men are in a committed relationship and a hot guy walks by, do they both hide the fact that they are checking him out, do they check him out together, or does one of them get mad at the other for checking him out?


At 7:08 PM , Blogger Pee Wee said...

It'll be interesting to see the answers, if any.....

At 11:15 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

Nah, we're just like you straight guys. We look on the sly, then slip our number to the offending "hot guy" when our boyfriends aren't looking.

Wait a minute! I just got caught up in my own gay rumor. I assure you I have no idea, sir.


At 11:31 AM , Blogger Kat Coble said...

My former boss and his partner used to check out guys together.

My brother and his partner check guys out on the sly.

I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.


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