Thursday, April 19, 2007

Indecent Proposal

Tim recounts the tale of the insanely creative and romantic way he proposed to his sweetie. Let me recount the tale of the insanely creative and romantic way I proposed to my last wife.

Woke up on New Year's morning with appropriate hangover.
Looked over at woman laying next to me.
Said, "You wanna get married?"

I wonder why it didn't last.


At 12:46 AM , Anonymous Grace the Heart Breaker said...

omg, I'm swooning over here. Nothing says "I'll cherish you for eternity" like a good "dutch oven."

Oh could it be true, Knuck? Are we.... soulmates? lol...

btw, I'm hammered right now. (full disclosure)...

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous malia said... least you farted after you asked her, I feel fairly certain if it had been the other way around she wouldn't have even said yes...or whatever her reply was


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