Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hurricane Katherine

There is a big stink going on over at Katherine Coble's place. In between her Libertarian political posts and Battlestar Gallactica updates, she wrote a review about a bad encounter she had with a job placement firm. That company JL Kirk and Associates, is now suing her for defamation or lible or liable or copyright infringement or name calling or something. Their boneheaded move has spread like wildfire around the internet.

Here's what I think. Some lady that worked there came on Kat's blog and wrote a long-winded, kooky response to her critical post. In said rebuttal she disclosed some private information about her husband's employment and salary history that even the sleaziest of headhunting firms know is confidential. I think they want that gone more than they want Coble's cirticism gone.

Also, the lawyer threatened to tattle on Kat to Comcast if she doesn't take it down. Just how completely uninformed are these people? The blog is on Wordpress. Taking away her home internet service won't make it go away.

As far as whether she should comply with the cease and desist? That's her choice. It could go to court and cost some money. I do know this: Bloggers love them some PayPal. I think the cost of defending a blogger's right to voice an opinion about a company could happen, ten dollar click by ten dollar click.


At 9:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Digg it up, friends.

At 11:38 PM , Blogger Lynnster said...

I love that the Media Bloggers Association's legal people jumped on it today and are now working on her behalf. Woot for them doing so!

I'd have loved to have seen the legal eagles try to go after WordPress about the blog. They'd have met tons of resistance there AND would have made even more national news wildfire online in the process 'cos the WP folks probably would have said something akin to Blake Wylie's response ("Suck it!") and then every single popular WP'er would have blogged about it and given interviews. Hehe.

Oh BTW, bloggers love them some BBQ too. Please cook up plenty on the 21st, I'm coming for lunch AND need a pound or two to take with me to go. Just thought I'd get my order in early! :)


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