Friday, March 24, 2006

Allison, My Aim is True

It seems that Victoria Hanson has been let go and/or quit as a news anchor at Channel 2 here in Nashville. I have no opinion on that.

All I know about people in the TV news business is that Rick Sanchez is really bad and Anderson Cooper is gay. And Dan Miller was Pat Sajak's sidekick on his ill-fated talk show many years ago. And that Rudy Kalis always came off as too mild-mannered to do sports. And Dale Hansen in Dallas is the best local Sports Guy I've ever seen. And most of the male anchors have a severe part in their hair, like most politicians. And there are too many moustaches. And a friend told me that he met Demetria Kalodimos and that she has a nice ass. Really.

But generally, I just consider the person delivering the news to be a talking head. They are either unremarkable or bad.

However the Hottie That Lets Me See Her Naked has been around the news business her whole life, on both sides of the camera. She's not in it now, but her dad is, and she's always been around it. We had a conversation the other day that went something like this.

Me: "I don't know anything about news anchors, but there is a girl in town that I've actually noticed, because she is really, really good. She's young, I don't even know what channel she's on, but she just has an easy manner and her delivery is really comfortable and. . ."

Her: "Allison Hatcher."

Me: "Uh . . . wow. . . yeah that's her. She does mornings and weekends and. . ."

Her: "Yeah. She's really good. She's going to go places."

So, anyway, to the boss at News 2: I don't know if you know it, but Allison Hatcher is really good. At least that's what we think here at Knucklehead Manor. Give her that job for a couple of years before she ends up sitting next to Matt Lauer.


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