Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Horse Lessons

My kid is taking horseback riding lessons. Probably because at five, she is incapable of coming up with a more expensive hobby. Maybe in a couple of years, she'll decide to take up flying. But until then, it is horses.

They put 5-year-olds on full grown horses. It's crazy. She trots and weaves through cones and backs up and all kinds of horsey stuff. She's not even able to wipe her own butt yet, but she is weaving a full grown horse through a slalom course.

A lot of you who started reading last year know that my blog got sanitized when I lost my anonymity. That's because my mom reads this crap now. So, if you are my mother, here is a picture of your granddaughter putting away her horse after riding last week. She doesn't even come up to the horse's nose.


At 8:20 AM , Anonymous Sheena said...

I thought horses ate little girls. They don't? That's what my Daddy used to always tell me...

At 2:31 PM , Blogger saraclark said...

You're in big trouble. My Grandfather gave me a horse as a birthday present when I was 4. My Uncle has several of her descendants for sale right now, even as we speak.

Come on Daddy, buy her a horsey.


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