Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nathan got a Sponsor!

I don't get down Brentwood way very often, but today I did. And as I drove past that beautiful silver and diarrhea-brown fiberglass statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest riding his mighty steed toward Nashville to spread his message of Ku-ing and Klux-ing, I noticed that he recently got a sponsor. There is a big sign put up by some group, something like the Sons of the Stars and Bars, that has stepped up to support the statue. I guess they are paying for the repair bills for all the times that thing gets shot at.

Now, if we can just get The League of Frolicking, Naked Hippies to sponsor Musica on Music Row, and The Society of Roller Coaster Designers and Enthusiasts to put a big sign up at the upcoming "Ghost Ballet for the East Bank Machine Works" going up by LP Field, we'll have the best public art in America


At 12:58 PM , Blogger Short and Fat said...

Sons of the Stars and Bars.

What do you supposed a meeting like that goes like? A nice campfire, maybe shaped like a lower case T? Some fife and drum music? Perhaps a nice white sheet to stave off winter's chill?

I wonder how many Mensa members they have?


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