Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merril and Vince

"The initial dismantling of an organization based on a bad pick at Quarterback."
--Merril Hoge, on the Titan's selection of Vince Young in the draft.
Yes, obviously everyone in the organization from the GM to the ball boy has a job that's in jeopardy because of that pick.

Merril Hoge has gotten himself so deep in his passionate dislike of Vince Young's game that he refuses to budge, hoping beyond hope that he will eventually be proven right. Kinda like Bush on the war. It started at the draft when he said he wouldn't draft Young in the first round. But then he said he wouldn't draft Cutler or Leinart in the first round either. So that's no big deal.

But he continues to bash Young, despite the fact that he is one of the top candidates for Rookie of the Year. Every time he "analyzes the tape" on Young he is able to find these glaring faults in his technique that we commoners can't see that are all examples of why Vince isn't going to make it in the NFL. And the more success the Titans have, the more ol' Hogey digs in his heels.

The most ridiculous time was when Hoge "analyzes the tape" on Vince's now famous overtime run for a forty yard touchdown to end the game in glorious fashion in his hometown of Houston a couple of weeks ago. His analysis clearly shows that Young should have thrown to Bobby Wade, and running for a touchdown to win the game was a sign of immaturity.

Tom Brady on the other hand, who has won Super Bowls at the Quarterback position, said, "It looked like he went through his reads and just had to make a play with his feet, and it was one of the greatest plays I've seen all year."

Who you gonna believe?

Hey Merril, when you are "analyzing the tape," don't forget that part at the end when you crunch the numbers on the scoreboard to figure out who ended up winning the game.


At 2:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a little premature to nail the duncecap to Hoge's skull just yet. The obvious parallel is Michael Vick. He seemed prepped to change the way the game was played during his first season as a starter. But then opposing teams started to develop a book on him and he's regressed every year since. I'd be willing to be that the Falcons would love to undo the trade they made to get him (Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson).
Let Young play a couple years before we bust out the anoiting oil.


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