Thursday, January 04, 2007

More on Merril

From the Tennessean:

ESPN's Merril Hoge said Bush also should've won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award, which went to Young on Wednesday. Hoge doesn't get a vote. If he did, he said, he would've put Young fourth.

"Here's what happens: People vote off what they see on TV, seeing a bunch of highlights. They don't see the entire concept,'' said Hoge, one of Young's harshest critics.

"Watching Reggie Bush play three different positions — impacting games as a wide receiver, a running back and on special teams — to me, he had a much better rookie year than Vince Young did.''

Look, Merril, there are only 50 voters for the Rookie of the Year. It is a panel of 50 national sportswriters and broadcasters. Twenty-three of them, nearly half of them, voted for Vince Young.

Let me repeat one thing, it is a panel of 50 national sportswriters and broadcasters.

Hoge went on to say:

"Basically (Young) won this off two games — the Buffalo game and the Houston game,'' Hoge said. "I see every snap of every game of every player and Reggie Bush was far superior helping his team.

"You show a few highlights of (Young) and (voters) see that and remember. When he's 8-of-22 at Philadelphia, they don't show that. You don't see his bad games.''

Dear Merril,

Are you so fucking arrogant that you think you are the only one who knows what happened in pro football this year? This isn't like the Oscars, where thousands of dottering old actors vote for best lighting on documentaries they never saw. This is a panel of 50 national sportswriters and broadcasters. What you are saying is that they don't take the responsibility of voting for the Rookie of the year seriously. Apparently, only three of the 50 national sportswriters and broadcasters were serious enough about their duties and smart enough about football to vote for Bush. The rest of the voters who cover sports every single day for a living are such slackers and idiots that they voted for Young based on seeing highlights from two games.

Obviously, the right to name of the AP Rookie of the Year needs to be stripped from the AP and given to you.



At 6:52 PM , Blogger Short and Fat said...


At 9:16 PM , Blogger John H said...

word UP.

At 12:37 AM , Anonymous lcreekmo said...

Speak it, brother.h

At 10:08 AM , Blogger Ryan said...

Ditto x3.


At 9:29 PM , Blogger Pee Wee said...

Already been said, Word.
Fuck M.H.


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