Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Christmas

I have two main interests outside of work which I indulge in when time permits -- golf and cycling. I've been playing golf my whole life and love to watch it on TV and love to read the golf magazines and dream about getting a new set of clubs anytime someone invents a new set of clubs. I also have an expensive road bike and I am one of those guys that puts on the skin-tight clown suit and helmet who rides in a line with four other jokers, blocking the road when you are on the way to work in the morning because we are trying to get 40 miles in before it gets hot.

This was the first year my kid was old enough to pick out my presents herself. She got me six bright yellow Sponge Bob golf balls and a horn for my bike with the Harpo Marx honk-honk squeeze air bulb.

By far the best presents I've ever received.


At 10:35 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

I'm feeling you, J. I have no doubt those were the best gifts you've received. I can't really think of anything more thoughtful.

Em got me a special white fly swatter. He's so GD proud of it. He knows I hate bugs--especially spiders. He made his mother go to several stores until he found the exact one he wanted. Like yours, it was one of the best gifts I've ever been given.

On the flip side, I made Em a mix CD of his favorite songs. I'm such a great father, that I didn't realize until much later that 3 of the 20 songs contain the words "fucking," "whores," and "motherfucker" in that order.

How'm I doing so far?



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