Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blogger Blues

CLC got his own domain name. When I first started getting readers, (most of whom left when this site got, uh . . . sanitized with my coming out of anonymity) I checked, and was available. I'm sure it still is, I just didn't really want to spend the money, so I stuck with blogger.

I am the administrator for the Staggering Prophets. When I switched to the "New" Blogger that one went too, whether the other members liked it or not. John H. didn't like it. He refuses to switch to Blogger Beta. I don't blame him.

I thought I did it by accident - clicked the wrong button and next thing I know I am signed up for "Beta" and can't get out. But tonight, I figured out what is going on.

It is no longer "Beta" anymore, it is the "new" Blogger. And they are going to move your account whether you like it or not. I went over to my work blog, and that is exactly what happened. They have moved it, and I can't post until I create a Google account for that blog.

You know, Google, the folks who bought blogger who would most benefit from you having a Google account.

So maybe I should move my work blog to my work website (which I planned on doing anyway) and get, and while I'm at it, just for good measure, I'll register, which is available.

Anyone want to pitch in on that one?


At 7:45 AM , Blogger Lynnster said...

Since you're pretty unanonymous these days and therefore not in need of any extra stuff - you could get the domain for probably around $6.95 or thereabouts from GoDaddy. In fact, they are having some kind of sale right now, I just haven't paid attention to the emails since it's only good on brand new accounts and stuff. And that cheap you could get while you were at it.

And after you bought it from there or CLC's guy or whatever, if you decided to jump from Blogger to WordPress (which I have fallen in love with), you can map your domain to it for $10 a year. OR you can buy the domain through WordPress for $15 a year.

At 7:43 AM , Blogger newscoma said...

I got a fiver on

At 9:01 PM , Anonymous jonathan hickman said... is still available. And you should get it now. About the most you'd pay would be ten bucks a year. Just do it. If someone decided to be malicious and bought it before you got to it, you'd kick yourself for not spending the measly ten bucks.

I was cheap and never bought, and now that opportunity is gone. I'm still kicking myself.

Oh, and I'd definitely recommend moving to wordpress.

At 8:15 PM , Blogger newscoma said...

I concur with Mr. Hickman.

At 7:49 PM , Blogger John H said...

yeah..once i found out that if i was using 'new' coke/blogger if i switched on Staggering Prophets that it automatically switch my regular blog, I just couldn't do it..

On the other hand, I'd be happy to support merilhogeisanidiot..either one totally works.

i'm counting on my support being bring more folks to the 'Ship.

Also..thanks for the mac n' cheese...that stuff is still providing.


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