Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clean Sweep Update

My parents were here from Florida for about nine days. They left on Saturday. When they left, the house was perfectly clean. Despite more than a week of wrangling a five-year-old little girl, they managed to clean everything, replace a dripping faucet, replace a faulty light switch, and do all the laundry.


My mother is one of those ladies who kicks ass at laundry. I do not. I intentionally buy all my clothes made of cotton in neutral colors so that I never have to change the setting on the washer. It is always warm/cold and super load. Always. I don't separate. I don't get the concept of having a little bag to put something delicate in and washing it on gentle by itself. So eveything that was made of cloth got washed. She found my stash of defective clothes, a pile of garments that were missing buttons or had broken zippers, and assumed it was just another pile of laundry, and washed those clothes. They are now integrated back into my functioning wardrobe for me to cull out again on a case by case basis. I have more clothes than space, so I had clothes piled on my dresser. She bought a big plastic container with a lid, because, at least if they are in an ugly-ass blue plastic box on the floor next to my bed, they are "put away."

There was a small load of unwashed clothes remaining on the day they left, maybe five items. I discovered them today, damp and in the washer. My mom left a final note when they departed, telling me things like that they turned up the thermostat (which was obvious) they fed the dog, whatever. The note also instructed me that those clothes were clean, and needed to go into the dryer. Unfortunately, to a woman who interacts with the washer and dryer several times every single day, she left the note in the most logical place she could think of, on top of the washer.

I can go two weeks without opening the door to the washer and dryer. I'm lucky I found the stuff this early on in the mildew process. I think I saved them.


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