Saturday, April 15, 2006

Breaking News! Pac Man cusses!

Hey Eager Channel 2 News Reporter,

I haven't seen you before. You may be new, you may have worked this market for years, I have no idea. But I gotta say something about last night.

There was a drug ring broken up. One of the cars seized belonged to Adam "Pac Man" Jones. He says he lent it to one of the guys to film a video.

That's it.

Five minutes of footage of an ambush at Pac Man's house, showing nothing but shots of his shoes, and running his (justified) expletive-filled diatribe at you for ambushing him is bullshit. Total bullshit.

Here's Pac Man's shoes! Listen to Pac Man cuss! He associates with drug dealers! Just listen to him cuss! Well, you can't really, because we beeped it all out, but if it weren't for the beeps, you would know that he is a thug and a criminal because he cusses and doesn't tie his shoes!

Nice reporting.

Someone call the Pulitzer committee.


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