Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The time I talked to Leonard Nimoy

Rex L. Camino tells a tale of being in the presence of Leonard Nimoy, but not speaking to him. I have the opposite experience. I talked to him, but I never met him.

I used to be the Marketing Director at a live theatre. We had a series that would feature one or two person shows, done on a couple of Mondays on the stage where the main production was going on. One year, "Vincent" was scheduled. It was a one-man play about Van Gogh, written by Leonard Nimoy.

Written by Leonard Freaking Nimoy.

So I got the address of his agent from the back of the script and requested an interview. My request was granted. Five minutes before he was scheduled to call, I realized that I had no idea what I was going to ask him. I don't even remember if I had read the script. But I wanted to talk to him, it was Leonard Freaking Nimoy. So I winged it.

I took bad notes and used quotes from my completely contrived and unnecessary interview in the theatre newsletter and my press release. It was the only interview I ever did in six years at that job, for a play that was only going to run four times. But it was Leonard Freaking Nimoy.

When the theatre writer for one of the major newspapers in the area got the press release, he called to give me shit. "So, you're doing the interviews now?! You want to come down here and write my stories for me too?"

To which I replied, "It was Leonard Freaking Nimoy."

So between me and Rex, Spock is our pal.


At 2:35 PM , Blogger ceeelcee said...

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At 9:27 PM , Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

No way! Leonard Freaking Nimoy! Thanks for the story Knucklehead!

The closest I ever came to speaking to him was when I had a Christmas ornament of the shuttle craft that had a recording of Spock saying: "Shuttle craft to Enterprise, Shuttle craft to Enterprise, Spock here, Happy Holidays"

At 6:46 AM , Blogger newscoma said...

Okay, I have the Christmas ornament of Spock that is just working on some groovy spaceship panel.
Knuck, you and Rex got some mad skillz about Nimoy. My mother also had his poetry books when I was a kid.
Spock cool, Poetry, not so much.
He isn't Spock, he tell you on the cover of the book.


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