Monday, March 27, 2006


When I was growing up, we watched Hee Haw religiously every Saturday night. My Dad is a Nashville native, and our family goes back in McMinnville for hundreds of years, but we were far from a hillbilly family. My dad was a corporate lawyer and we were living in the suburbs. Still, my McMinnville grandmother talked just like Minnie Pearl, so there might have been a connection there. But I was a rocker, living on Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and Saturday night "Hee Haw" was my guilty pleasure.

"Hee Haw" was hosted by Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Buck played a signature red, white and blue guitar. He died last weekend. I would like to see him some more, for nostalgia's sake. He was an American legend.

Unfortunatley, we will never see him hosting Hee Haw again. Have you ever noticed that there are no Hee Haw reruns? Probably not. The reason? It's enough to start a second War Between the States.

When Viacom bought TNN, in the most egregious, arrogant, East-Coast, New-York, Cable-TV-executive ass-holery move ever, the execs at Viacom looked at the assests involved in the sale and said, "What's this "Hee Haw" shit? Some kind of hayseed, hillbilly show? Get rid of it! And change the name to SPIKE TV!"

So 25 years of Americana was burned. The Hee Haw masters were BURNED.

Fucking Stupid Yankees.


At 11:05 PM , Blogger Busy Mom said...

Are you serious?!

At 4:16 AM , Blogger Vol Abroad said...

No freakin way!

At 8:16 AM , Blogger Pee Wee said...

You're shitting me?
Buck and Don Rich knew, Telecasters rule! R.I.P. Buck Owens.

At 9:51 AM , Anonymous "John Galt" said...

Looks like you need to inform Time-Life of this. They seem to be selling all the programs on DVD.

At 10:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gaylord owns them. Time-Life sells them.

At 10:17 AM , Blogger Nashville Knucklehead said...

As a blogger, I reserve the right to post rumors I heard from fairly reliable sources without having to check the facts! Tapes and DVDs do exist, but as I understand it, the masters were burned.

At 12:05 PM , Blogger Aunt B said...

First Atlanta, then Hee Haw. That's just how we Yankees are. We can't help it. We see anything the South holds dear and we have to set in on fire.

Sorry. It's just a reflex.

At 2:38 PM , Blogger ceeelcee said...

Hey Knucklehead, I think you added an extra "Haw" at the end of that. It's one of those things that's preprogrammed into my DNA. That and "day-da-lang-dang,day-da-lang-dang, day-da-lang-dang, dang-DANG-DANG."

I'm a-pickin' and you're a-grinnin'. RIP, Buck.

At 2:50 PM , Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Hee Haw was Time-Life's biggest-selling DVD collection of 2005.

At 7:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I worked at a Public TV fund drive, the phones would always ring hardest for Hee Haw merchandise.

At 6:39 PM , Anonymous marc said...

"Stupid Yankees"

That was redundant....


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