Friday, December 30, 2005

My Space, Your Space, Outer Space

A friend send an email asking whether anyone had any experience with My Space. He was told about it by a friend, and wanted to check it out.

I have had experience with My Space. A 40-something man, suddenly and unexpectedly divorced who seldom goes out will try anything to meet women. That includes computer "networking" sites. I have already chronicled my experiences with About a year after trying that, I came across My Space. This is what I told my friend.

"I was intrigued by the "networking" aspect of My Space, vs. the meat-market vibe of match. That made it so much different than, right? Well, that's like saying I'm drinking martinis, I would never drink straight gin. It is first and foremost a dating site. Except they have the added possible humiliation of requesting someone to be your "friend" only to have them reject you. Yes, it is a site where people can actually reject your request to be their friend. How cruel is that? A lot of people seem to be on a mission to "collect" friends, as if it makes them more popular, like in high school. I never added any friends, not a single one. I didn't understand the purpose, and thought it was silly, adding someone I had never met to my "friends" list. I had one woman email me every day berating, begging, scolding and demanding that I add her as a friend. I remember thinking, "Can you not see that I have not added ANYONE as a friend, you needy, clingy, unstable crackpot of a hosebeast?" Those brief, drunken, 2 a.m. feelings of superiority momentarily put my lonliness aside and kept me from firing my shoulder mounted missile at one of the commercial airliners that passes over my house every morning. Then, after I trolled for all the hot, single, athletic, bi-curious, financially independent, beer-loving, steak-eating, educated, non-pierced, spiritual, nymphomaniac 30-year-old women within 50 miles of my house, I would expand it to 100 miles. That would kill another two hours."

So now I just have a weblog. And I got a girl the old fashioned way, I met her in a bar and charmed the pants off her. However, if there are any hot, single, spiritual nymphomaniacs out there reading this, I've got this friend . . .


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