Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kiddo's first NFL game

The Titans are so bad, that tickets were being given away for the last home game against the Sea Hawks. Free and plentiful tickets are a good combination to justify taking a four-year-old little girl, knowing full-well she'd be ready to leave at halftime, if not sooner. We were three rows up on the 12 yard line, conveniently close to the cheerleaders. Kiddo was fascinated by them. "I like the one with the blonde hair and the one on the end with the curly hair!" she would exclaim in her best outside voice. "I do too, "I would reply, admittedly with a slight lustful lilt in my voice. This elicited a smirk and a nod from all the surrounding women. I wanted to announce that I was indeed single, and not a lecherous husband out for the game (lecherous old man, maybe), but I let it go. Kiddo had to pee a just the right time to miss the first Titans touchdown. Letting her go in the ladies room by herself in the Coliseum was a bit nerve racking, but she insisted. She ate a hot dog and cotton candy and drank a whole sprite. I had a big diet coke, instead of the usual 9 beers I usually get down on "grown-up" game day. We left at halftime. She isn't exposed to sports much at her mom's. That's my job. She requests to watch football and golf and hockey with me. If she ends up being a fan, she can say, "my dad started taking me to games when I was four." Moms may not get it. Dads know it pretty cool.

God Bless America.


At 3:32 PM , Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Football. Cool. Rock on!!


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