Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rubbing Elbows

It occured to me the other day that I’ve met a lot of famous people. I don’t get starstruck, probably because I was in the music business for so long, but it is interesting. You probably wouldn’t consider some of these people famous. Some of them, I didn’t know they were famous either. If you haven’t heard of them, google ’em.

First the “resume.” Famous people I’ve played with. Yes, this includes washed-up one-hit-wonders, which is most of them:

Edie Brickell
Lee Greenwood
The 5th Dimension
The Marvellettes
Bobby Lewis
Lou Christie
Sally Kellerman
Sandler and Young
Gogi Grant
Carlene Carter

Other people I’ve met. By met, I mean had at least a conversation with. Spotting them driving down the street doesn’t count. Disclaimer: Any conversation counts. I met Eric Dickerson in college several times. Our conversations always went the same way:

Me: “How you doing?

Eric Dickerson: “Pretty good. Uh, give me the chicken sandwich with fries.”

Red Skelton
Jay Leno
Mick Fleetwood
Burt Reynolds
Charles Durning
Julie Harris
Jerry Orbach
Charles Nelson Reilly
Gavin McLeod
Jack Burns
Roberta Peters
Ron Palillo
Ed “Too Tall” Jones
Tony Dorsett
“Bullet” Bob Hayes
Eric Dickerson
Brooks Robinson
Vince Gill
Hal Ketchum
Billy Thorpe
Victor Wooten
Bekka Bramlett
Yakov Smirnoff
Ruby Dee
Ossie Davis
Billy Joe Shaver
John Connelly
Al Hirt

Note: I am not name-dropping here. (Actually, I guess I am) Anyway, none of these people are friends of mine. Don’t ask for any phone numbers.


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