Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rock or Jock

I heard Dan Patrick ask Matthew McConaughey the other day if rock stars or movie stars got more women. What I want to know is do rock stars or atheletes get more women?

The reason that this is interesting is because of the difference in physical appearance between the two. Now, before we go any further, let's get this out of the way, both groups do just fine with the ladies. But here is one thing I can't figure out: How can a person's station in life allow a woman to completely lose her mind and overlook his physical appearance?

OK, if you're a man, rich is good. He's "cute in a rich kind of way" is an age-old attitude with women. Good provider and all that. But there are different kinds of rich. Athlete rich is good-lloking rich, generally speaking. Look at Eddie George. I don't know much about "good looks" in men, but I've never heard a woman speak about his looks in anything other than hushed tones of reverence. Professional athletes are prime physical specimens by definition. So it is no wonder that they all have beautiful wives/girlfriends. Look at the PGA tour. A lot of those guys are barely "athletes" but they are all issued a hot wife as soon as they get their card.

But ... how bout those rock stars. A lot of women I know go bat-shit nutty over Steven Tyler. C'mon now. If Eddie George was a night manager at Sizzler, he'd still get his fair share of good looking women. But Steven Tyler?

Long Live Rock and Roll!


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