Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rambling on Death and Taxes

I've never lived in a state that screwed with all the taxes so much. The bozos cut tax on food. Yay! I saw on the news last night that it comes out to saving $4 per $1,000 you spend on groceries.

Oh, boy.

Raise cigarette taxes. Cut taxes for poor seniors. Specify where taxes go, i.e. English language-learning students get cigarette money. Who came up with that marriage made in heaven? Gaylord wants us to front them the money to build their new convention center. Front them money from the new tax we have on hotel rooms and rental cars. To build our own new convention center.

I don't have any hard numbers on this, but having been around a while, it seems to me that taxing A and declaring the money to be used specifically to fund B doesn't seem to work in the long run. It just creates a new bureaucracy to piss the moeny away. Wasn't the lottery for the kids? Aren't we still close to last in education in the US?

I don't buy lottery tickets. I send my kid to a private school. I'd like some of that lottery money.


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