Friday, May 18, 2007

The fence.

Those folks in DC are at it again, wanting to take our money and build a fence.

Have you ever been to South Texas? I have. It's desolate. I've never been to the border in New Mexico or Arizona, but I imagine it is more of the same. So we're going to build a 350 mile fence? That's like building a fence from Nashville to Little Rock.

Have you ever driven from Nashville to Little Rock? Imagine building a fence the whole way. Don't you think that somewhere along the way you could breach the fence without being caught by the authorities? A fence that is a government project, no less?

Here are a few things that one could use to breach a 350 mile fence:
Bolt cutters.
A Ladder.
A Shovel.
A Dodge Ram Truck.
A Mexican VW taxi.

I've heard about building a double fence with sensors in-between so we can pounce on the folks while they are trapped between the two. 350 miles. That's a lot of room. There's no pouncing there. Another great idea.

So, I have a solution on this whole immigration problem. Invade Mexico. We could do it with a few National Guardsmen and some Boy Scouts. Annex them or Imminent Domain them or whatever you call it. Unlike those bastards in Iraq, the Mexicans would actually greet us as liberators. The U. S. of A. becomes 62 states! Cheap childcare for everyone!


At 11:52 PM , Anonymous Grace the Heart Breaker said...

Knuck, you did it again. You made me smile.

Damn you. I'm going to get wrinkles.


At 2:49 PM , Blogger Exador said...

Can "Manifest Destiny" be made into a verb?

"Manifest Destinate" them?


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