Monday, June 11, 2007

Scratch Golfer

In case you weren't watching the St. Jude tournament in Memphis this week, (you don't watch obscure PGA tournaments?) one of the underlying stories was that on Friday, early in the morning, John Daly's crazy-ass wife attacked him with a steak knife while he was sleeping, screaming that she was going to kill him. This same crazy-ass wife recently spent some time in prison for some kind of money laundering shit.

Last I checked, the police have found his kids, but not her, and are waiting to see if he wants to file charges. If the tables were turned, his ass would be in jail charged with attempted murder, no matter what the wife said about pressing charges.

There is some good outrage in there somewhere. Some kind of anti-feminist, where's-Al-Sharpton hand wringing that could be manufactured to go along with this. But I'm not going after it. For one, I can't work it out, and also because John just got up the next day and went to work and played fairly well, considering the circumstances. No victim, he.

Besides, jokes like her being a "scratch golfer" and "working on her slice," and "hitting a high cut," are just too easy. He's a rich white guy, so it's OK.

UPDATE: The crazy-ass wife says he attacked her and then scratched his own face. I figured that was coming. Who attacks sombody's face with a steak knife in a sawing motion? Now it's a he said/she said.

(If she turns out to be the victim, I don't want any feminists attacking me for calling her a crazy-ass. She is well documented as such.)


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