Monday, February 20, 2006

Five for Fighting

I've been hit with the fiver from both Rex and Huck.

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place: Then add your blog to the bottom slot.(1) Hits from 'da Blog (2) Rex L. (3) Aunt B (4) Huck
and (5) Knuck L. Head

Next, select 5 people to tag: Kelly, Ceeelcee (Maybe this will get you to start writing.), Bob K (You may be too busy campaigning), Ryan and Ivy

What were you doing ten years ago: I was lying on my back in a tiny cabin on the M.S. Island Princess with the curtains drawn across the bunk, steaming North-Northwest somewhere between New Guinea and Thailand while my Canadian roommate Danny practiced classical guitar in the bathroom (it provided a surreal reverb) and a very proper English casino dealer named Sarah gave me a morning blow job.

What were you doing one year ago: Trying to commit suicide by whiskey.

Five snacks you enjoy: cheese quesedillas, pretzel sticks dipped in Coleman's English Mustard, jalepeno slices out of the jar, sour Skittles, peppered beef jerky

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics: A band I was in years ago decided it would be a good idea to have a "reunion" about a month or two ago. In public. In a bar. Oy. I had to relearn songs I had done hundreds of times. And I also learned some new ones. Here are five I could pull off today, playing and singing, no matter what the beer consumption level. You Never Even Called Me By My Name (David Allen Coe), Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones), She Fucking Hates Me (Puddle of Mudd), Burnin' Love (Elvis Presley), Bust A Move (Young MC)

Note: the term "singing" is might raise some eyebrows in my circle of friends

Five things you would do if you were a millionare: Diane Lane, Sara Evans, Eva Longoria, Natalie Gulbis, That chick who lost the snowboard gold by hot-dogging it at the end.

Five bad habits: My bad habits come in six-packs.

Five things you like doing: Eating red meat, fucking, playing decent golf, riding my bike farther than I thought I could go, taking long romantic walks on a moonlit. . . uh . . . fucking.

Five things you would never wear again: wedding band, heart on my sleeve, name tag, mullet, polyester

Five favorite toys: I don't have any.


At 2:17 PM , Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Awww, Knuck, I already did it! Thanks for tagging me, though! :)


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