Friday, August 03, 2007

Return Game

Perhaps there are some smarter football minds than mine out there. Perhaps one of them will comment and straighten out my thinking. Here's one thing I don't understand about football. Why does a team punt to a return man? Especially if it a good one like Deion Sanders or Pac Man Jones. Why risk the possibility of a big return. If I were special teams coach, I would have my punter spend all day in practice kicking it as far as he can, out of bounds. And I would have him kick every punt out of bounds in games.

On the same note, where did the good old coffin corner kick go? Is it really that hard for a punter to aim where the ball goes?

Ahhh . . . football time is approaching . . .


At 4:21 PM , Anonymous Jay said...

Why don't batters just hit it where they ain't?


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