Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing the Ponies

On Friday, me and my six-year-old jumped in the truck and drove up to Louisville for one of the last days of the 2007 spring meet at famed Churchill Downs. I love, love, love me some horse racing. I went to high school in Louisville, and me and my buddies would regularly go over to Churchill after school for some good, clean, wholesome gambling.

I let my kid pick her own bets. She got paid on six of the eight bets she picked. She was making mostly $8 place bets, based on either the horses name, or which one looked "fast and feisty" in the paddock. In the fifth race she switched to a $6 win pick. Just for variety, I suppose. The horse won and paid 96 bucks. My cut was 86.

Hey, she can't make the bets without me. Plus I had to cover all the crap exacta boxes I kept losing on. She walked with 20 bucks and a new Churchill Downs purse to put it in.


At 4:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"After school" - I dunno about that claim, since all my friends left around lunch to get to Keeneland on time and the cousins/friends in the Ville did the same for Churchill. Maybe you all only cared about the last 2 or 3 races and were close to the track... :-)

Only bet I ever won on I wasn't even there - had some math or chemistry test so I just told my best friend to put 2 bucks on the 6th horse in the 7th race. Won 40, best friend went with another and lost his 2 bucks. I'll never let him live that down.

The other best part about playing the ponies? If you knew (know) some of the right stable/farm workers, they can tell you who's gonna do well or not beforehand.

Not that I'm advocating that sort of cheating, just saying that it happens to work. If you can understand what Irishmen are saying, it works even better in your favor as a bettor.

At 6:19 PM , Blogger Sarcastro said...

You are my role model as a parent.

At 2:39 PM , Anonymous Jay said...

Hmmmm, think your daughter'd be interested in a trip to Harrah's?

At 4:51 PM , Blogger nobody said...

that is great! my mil has gotten my son addicted to the damn scratch off lottery tickets so every time we go into to store I have to buy some for him I never win but he frequently does. Maybe we should try the ponies...


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