Friday, August 03, 2007

Casino Rhoyale

I spent the good part of the week at a casino in Rhode Island. Well, not really a casino, it was a dog track with a few video slot machines thrown in. By a few, I mean about 400,000. Here is what I observed from my visit to Rhode Island Casino:
Everyone in Rhode Island Casino is old.
Everyone in Rhode Island Casino is small.
Everyone in Rhode Island Casino has the same haircut. Men, Women, doesn't matter. Short and gray.
Black People don't go to Rhode Island Casino.
The only conversation topic allowed in Rhode Island Casino is the current or future state of the Red Sawks.
And the strangest thing I have ever seen in any Casino -- Nobody, and I mean nobody in Rhode Island Casino drinks. Thousand of people gambling, and there were a couple of cups of coffee.

Rhode Island Casino is a strange place.


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