Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Naked women, guns, cash and the Possum

Pac Man Jones was in the wrong place at the right time yet again yesterday. He was in a strip club in Vegas at 5 in the morning when a gunfight broke out. The radio talk shows and newspaper commenters are all up in arms again. People are starting to scream that the Titans should get rid of him again. People are saying he's going to end up dead again, because he is such a thug. There is much hand wringing over this man's private life here in Middle Tennessee, and I find it to be quite amusing.

Most amusing are the fans who call him Adam to make a statement. If you do that, you are an uninformed chucklehead. Sean Salisbury, ESPN doofus galore started this crap the first time Pac got into trouble. He said, "I'm not going to call him by his nickname until he's earned it!" Earned it? How? His nickname is "Pac Man," not "Bonecrusher" or "Citizen of the Year." He got his nickname from his family when he was a baby because he ate so much. You don't have to "earn" a nickname you've had since you were a baby.

Then we get the people who play the "thug" card. When you call him a "thug" it is because you are a white trash redneck who has become too afraid to use the politically incorrect word "nigger." But we know that is what you are thinking. When has anyone ever called a white professional athlete who got into trouble a "thug"?

He has never been convicted of anything. Sure, he's a cop magnet, and has had run-ins with the law on a quarterly basis since college. But he's never been convicted. (As far as I know. This little rant isn't really worth the time it would take to research any actual facts. Ain't blogs grand?) Hell, when he had the cops called on him for riding an ATV on George Jones' (no relation) property, ol' No-Show dropped by on his riding mower to clear things up with a cake or pie or something and they ended up exchanging autographs and My Space addresses.

My suspicion is that George knew a lot more about Pac's career than Pac knew about the Possum.

So anyway, he was in a club full of naked women in Vegas and there was a gunfight in the parking lot. Everybody who says he should quit going out to clubs is delusional. This is America, dammit! Who do you think champagne rooms in strip clubs in Vegas are built for? Ultra-rich, famous 24-year-old professional athletes and rock stars, that's who! I would be disappointed if I heard that story and Pac wasn't there. It's the off season. He's 24. He's crazy rich. He was just there at the gentlemen's club, being all rich and gentlemanly and shit. He didn't pop a cap in anyone's ass. He was just hanging out with the ladies and dropping some cash. That's capitalism, baby! God Bless America!


At 8:25 PM , Anonymous lcreekmo said...

This is a fabulous post. I agree with you 100%.

At 10:57 PM , Blogger Ryan said...

You know I grin like an Assclown every time you talk about Adam. It makes me smile because from what I can tell, this guy is the one thing on which we disagree. Make no mistake, Pac is an utter and undeniable sack of shit; a waste of skin and talent; a truly loathesome human being; a fucking moron; a selfish, useless manchild wrapped in thousand dollar bills and poor excuses. Sometimes I'm too subtle. What I'm getting at is that I don't like him.

Gotta give it to you though, Knuck. I love this post and have difficulty disagreeing with you. And that, too, makes me smile. What grabbed me most of all though was your take on playing the "thug"card." I'll admit I've done this since day one. But you have honestly made me think here and question myself. While I am a foul human being with a "mouthful of motherfuckers," the "N word" is the one word in the English language that actually makes me nauseous. The only word I cannot bring myself to utter; and the one word from which I wish I could protect my son. And yes, I think referring to it as the "N word" is nearly as ridiculous as the word itself, but I haven't found a replacement yet. But is that what is in my heart when I call this dickhead a "thug?" My God, I hope not--and I don't think it is--but thanks to your eager to forgive ass and thought-provoking post, I find myself doing some soul-searching. Thanks for making me question myself more than I do on a regular. I appreciate that.

By the way, I won a lunch bet made less than a week ago on this very topic. I bet a poor fool from work that Pac Man would not make it to Preseason without being involved in another potential shitstorm. I believe I also predicted the first of a series of events would take place before the month was out. It's almost like I can tell what kind of person this Pac Man is based upon his past behavior, his immaturity, and his tangible indecency. Hmmm.

Great post, Knuck!


At 3:02 AM , Anonymous naked said...

Naked women - is good but guns no! I think so

At 3:21 AM , Anonymous nakedw said...

Naked women - is good but guns no! I think so


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