Monday, October 16, 2006

Fair Weather Fans

It happens every time. Somebody gets a win and the phones at sports talk radio light up.
"Hey all you fair-weather fans. What do you think now? You were wrong! You need to quit whining and back this team through the good and the bad! Be a real fan and back this team! You shouldn't be calling in and saying bad stuff about our team! Let's be a real, big-time NFL city!"

Uhhhh . . . no. You're the one who is wrong. We don't need to back this team through the good and the bad. Why don't you go visit a "big-time NFL city" and see for yourself. You think there aren't a couple of negative comments about Joe Gibbs flying around the airwaves of D.C. today? This isn't my son's football team. I'm not giving blind loyalty.

This is the entertainment business. If the product sucks, we as fans have every right to say that it sucks. As it did last year and in the beginning of this season. Passer ratings in single digits. Criminal assault on the field. Quarter after quarter of not scoring and not stopping the other team. They sucked, and we had every right to say so.

They don't suck as much now. That's good. Yay team.


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