Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Would you sell your soul for satellite radio?

My girlfriend had a wreck the other night. She was on the wrong end of a hit and run. Actually, the driver that hit her got out, spent a couple of minutes making sure no one was hurt, then he jumped back in his car and left. Lesson: after checking for injuries, immediately write down the license number of the punk in the '78 Cutlass that hit you.

So the insurance adjuster totaled her car without even going to look at it. The damage wasn't all that bad, but it seems that airbags in a 2001 Acura are so expensive, that having them deploy is enough to declare the car a total loss. I took her to the tow yard to retrieve all her belongings. There was a pickup with Texas plates that was in pretty bad shape. With morbid curiosity I went over for a look. It had rolled, the roof was caved in and the passenger door was crunched. I looked in through the missing window at the glass all over the seat. There was blood on the airbags. Whoa, dude, that was a bad one. Hope everyone is OK.

Hey looky here, a satellite radio receiver. They're obviously not coming back for it, maybe I'll just . . .

Of course I didn't take it! That's a ticket straight to hell. I feel bad enough that the thought crossed my mind. Still, how long would it work before that dude's service got cut off . . . ?


At 12:03 PM , Blogger Busy Mom said...

But, satellite radio is really cool...


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