Sunday, January 22, 2006


Dear Eager New Marketing Director,

I know what you are trying to do. It isn't working. I know you have visions of moving up to something bigger, say the WNBA or the X-games or the Nationwide tour. I am impressed that you managed to persuade the board of directors to spend all that money on an unprecedented saturation of sports radio and TV. You probably convinced them that bowling could be the next poker. It isn't working.

Your approach is laughable. You will not get new viewers with your edgy new "Sundays are for Bowling!" ad campaign. Your bowling match or tourney or whatever you call it just came on. I turned the TV off. I will turn it back on in one hour when the football pregame comes on. My friends will arrive and we will eat ribs and drink beer and talk of the Titans chances next year and Bettis' fumble last week. The subject of bowling will not be discussed. This is America. Sundays are for football.

If only you had waited for the sports void that occurs after the Super Bowl, you might have kept your job.



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