Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whole Foods Report

I went to the new Green Hills Whole Foods. It was a sub-par experience. The meat guy had no idea what skirt steak was, and when he found out they didn't have any, he didn't know if it was temporary or if they just didn't carry it. I bought a hangar steak.

There was some other stuff about my visit that kind of pissed me off, but they are new, and I'll give them a chance to get their shit together.

They do carry JewBeer though.

Followed Whole Foods up with a trip to Blue Moon Cafe, or whatever it's called, out at Rock Harbor Marina. I love me some waterfront dining, and I have always wanted to check this place out. Sit on the patio and eat and drink beer and watch the boats go by. Mmmmmm.

It was OK. Thirty bucks for catfish fingers and a bowl of chicken wings. And two beers. Here's my problem with the place: It is a funky, floating waterfront dive at a marina, and yet they have a $30 steak on the menu and a $16 chicken dish. If they change it to nothing but cheap, crappy bar food, I'll go back to sit on the water five times a month. Until that day, I'll go to the Hooter's on Harding and watch the trucks go by on 24 on their way to Chattanooga.

So the day wasn't a bust, but it was OK. That seems to be the theme today. I've got a hangar steak to cook. Better go light the grill.


At 7:55 PM , Blogger GingerSnaps said...

Hooters has better wings anyway!

At 8:41 PM , Blogger Lee said...

And breasts.


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