Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There is a fair chance that Karl Dean (Despite his Marxist-spelled name)will be a progressive, yet responsible mayor, leading Nashville into the future which, I think, looks really bright right now if someone doesn't come along and screw it up.

There is a very good chance that Bob Clement will continue to be a fat-cat career politician who manages to let all this current progress stall while handing out contracts to his buddies.

The deciding factor, for me, comes down to this. Clement is pandering. Clement thinks I'm stupid. Clement thinks that some vague promise of going after the Olympics is going to make him seem progressive. Whatever, we all know that ain't going to happen. But most importantly, Clement took a "pledge" to not raise property taxes. A "PLEDGE" that Dean won't take! Woohooooooo! Stop the presses!

Great "pledge" Bob. Problem is, you can't raise property taxes any more than I can. Nice try. I ain't falling for it.

(I really liked Briley. Especially now that he's finished his turnpike between the airport and 65N.)


At 3:50 PM , Blogger Lesley said...

I don't like Bob Clement, either. Also, his rep was the only person who talked to me on my way in to vote when I *clearly* did not want to be spoken to. The bad hair, bad clothes and scowl should have been a signal to leave me the heck alone, but noooooo, dude had to ask me to vote for Clement. I replied, "uh huh" and moved on to cast my ballot for Dean. Despite the K.


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