Monday, May 22, 2006

Bullet Bob Hayes

I was in a band in Dallas that got the job playing a series of cancer runs around town, where people ran and raised money to fight cancer. We played while the runners finished their run, which was at an ungodly hour for a musician, like 8 in the morning.

One morning we were waiting backstage for the trophy presentation and the featured guest was "Bullet" Bob Hayes, a Dallas Cowboy legend who, when I was a kid, was known as the "fastest man on earth" because he won the 100-yard dash in the Olympics in record fashion, or something like that.

So, we were sitting there, after playing the night before until 2 in the morning, and Bob hits our sax player up for a cigarette. He tries his best to hide it from view. "It's a cancer benefit," he says. "If they see me, they'll kill me."

The fastest man on earth smoking a bummed cigarette at 8 in the morning.

At a cancer benefit.



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