Friday, January 04, 2008

Playoff Bound

Some thoughts (off the top of my head) on Sunday's playoff game, Titans V Chargers, 3:30 Central (God's time), on Sunday.

Roydell Williams broke his ankle in practice yesterday. What are we talking about? We're talking about PRACTICE, man! He has been the leading receiver this year. Bo Scaife is out. He's been the second leading receiver this year. We're relying on guys like Troupe and Ealy and Gage and Moulds. You know, the slow guys who drop a lot of passes. My prediction: LenDale left. LenDale Right. LenDale middle. Repeat.

Some (Merrill Hoge) are saying Kerry Collins should play because he had a good game against Indy's scrubs who were laying down anyway. Vince Young has struggled all year. He's also 17-11 as a pro. If you think Fisher is going to sit him when he is able to play, you've lost your mind.

The Chargers will have very little home field advantage. It is forecast to rain on Sunday. I used to have a job where I went to San Diego every Thursday. From my experience, it is 72 and sunny every day there. The game isn't even sold out yet, the league had to give the team and extension on the blackout. Nobody in SoCal wants to sully the Jag for a football game. Plus, nobody there has heard of this mythical place, "Tennessee." Look for the crowd to be thin and apathetic, compared to other playoff atmospheres.

The Titans' injuries are mostly on offense. The reason we won 10 games this year is because of the defense. Look for Philip Rivers to actually start to cry midway through the third quarter, when he takes his second safety. Bring on Volek.

Prediction: Titans 4, Chargers 0.


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